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That, “OMGoodness! What just happened in my mouth?!” Moment



So, while I’m on this no sugar/ Paleo diet, I have been thinking of ways to send the rest of your blood sugar levels into Hyper(glycelmia)-Space. Today I have decided to make some ultimate brownies. I’ll show you step by step how the journey to utopia happens. One of the brownies has a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup center with a Peanut Butter Cookie top. The other has an Oreo Cookie center with a Chocolate Chip cookie top. If you make these at home and your family will love you forever. OK, here we go. Step by step with PICTURES! YAY! I LOVE PICTURES!



First thing you wanna do is preheat your oven to 325 degrees. Almost every recipe calls for a 350 degree oven, but I never bake at 350 degrees. This helps to keep me from burning stuff. Not to say that my oven is off on the temp controls, because it isn’t. It’s a brand new oven. I just don’t always trust myself and reducing the temp by 25 degrees gives me a larger margin of error, so there, I said it, I’m not perfect, GET OFF MY BACK!….I’m sorry, that wasn’t for you… NEXT!



Grab your favorite brownie bakin’ pan. Spray the bottom with a non-stick baking spray (my fav is Baker’s Joy), and fill your compartments or pan just enough to cover the bottom, with your favorite brownie mix. I like really fudgey brownies, so I used Duncan Hines with the little Hershey Chocolate Sauce packet in it. Mmmmmm…



Place a Reese’s Cup or Oreo in the center of the brownie. This can also be done in a small sheet pan. Either line them up in nice neat little rows or break them up and create a layer of pieces. Doesn’t really matter. You’re gonna chew it up anyway.



Cover your sinful centers with another layer of your favorite brownie batter.

CAM02077 CAM02078

The next step is important. You only want to bake the brownies until they are just over half way baked. Not completely done. In the next step we put the stank on it.

CAM02080 CAM02081

I added a layer of peanut butter cookie dough on the Reese’s brownies and a layer of chocolate chip cookie dough on the Oreo brownies. It’s better to have this step prepped while the brownies are par baking. That way they aren’t spending a lot of time out of the oven. Make your life easier and use the Pillsbury refrigerated cookie dough. I rolled mine out and used a cookie cutter to make it all pretty, but of course, this is not necessary. Put it back in the oven and let it bake until the cookie is golden around the edges. Do not burn these things. You’ve gotten this far. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste. Turn off the TV, flip on the oven light on, grab a chair and a bowl of popcorn and watch these babies. This step should only take about 7 minutes.

CAM02084 CAM02124

Once the cookie layer is finished, check the centers. If the brownie is baked through, you are good to go. Next is the hardest step of all. Letting them cool. Ugh, the anticipation of it all! I can’t take it!

CAM02125 CAM02127

Once they are cooled enough to hold their own, release them from the side of the pan with a knife and flip them out onto a cookie sheet. Or you can just grab a fork and a glass of milk and have at it right from the pan. It’s your world squirrel.



And there you have it. Ultimate brownie perfection. That, “What just happened in my mouth?” Moment. You’re welcome.