Did I Seriously Just Make A Cake For An NBA Player? Whaaaaat?!



Sometimes opportunity doesn’t knock on your door so you might have to go visit opportunity where it is. The other morning I was stalking my events list on Facebook and ran across a flyer for one of the local night clubs. They were having a birthday party for one of the Sacramento Kings players, Ben McLemore. I clicked “Maybe” on the invite and posted, “So who is making Ben’s birthday cake?” The promoter replied, “U. Lol.” I don’t know if he was serious, but I was. I contacted him directly and after a few text messages we were in business. Then I freaked out. I had no idea where to even start. It was B-Mac’s 21st birthday and I don’t even know what he likes! All I know is he is from St. Louis, he played at the University of Kansas, and now he’s a King. Well, after 2 days of doing, undoing, and redoing, I decided you can never go wrong with simple. 

I guess I did OK because before he made it to the VIP area before I did and when I got there he was standing in from of the cake with a huge smile and taking pictures of it with his phone. I asked if he liked it before I told him it was me who made it, just to be safe. He loved it. He was so sweet and gracious and grateful. Not at all cocky or arrogant. I am officially a huge B-Mac fan and not just because of his basketball skills. Such a good kid.


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